How to Study Growth Chart?


Growth charts are an important tool for monitoring the growth of children. Record the measurements that are taken during your routine well child visits to your Pediatrician so that you can keep your own graphic record. Please use growth charts provided on this site for plotting growth or Indian children as they are prepared from data collected in 2007 but any growth chart can be used since normal children grow at almost the same pace worldwide. If your child is growing along one of the curves, he is probably growing normally and if growth is in a downward or upward direction, it means that the child’s growth is abnormal.|


Any concerns that you have about your child's growth and development should be discussed with your Pediatrician.

Height     Weight     BMI 
Date of Birth    
Father's Height
Mother's Height
Target Height

Growth Chart



 Growth Chart- Stature and Weight.  Growth Chart- Stature and Weight.
Growth Chart- BMI.  Growth Chart- BMI.